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steel fiber

Steel fiber can not only shorter the construction time and save cost, but increase the bending force and toughness of the concrete as well. It can also increase crack stability, minimize crack propagation, improve impact and fatigue resistance.
The steel fiber is made by low carbon steel and meets physical property requirements of ASTM A820 Type I.
The load-deflection curve of steel fiber concrete

■ The Steel Fiber is designed with flat heads on both ends and a bent-arched body, which can increase combined force within the concrete.
The small effective diameter and the excellent diameter ratio of the steel fiber can allow it to be complete mixed and form a high density and even distribution within the concrete.
Temporary or permanent support of shotscrete in tunnel      Pre-structure
Slope-protection shotcrete    Freeway pavement          Hydraulic structure
Explosion-proof structure     Seamless concrete design    Vibration-proof design
Airport pathway, taxiway and apron

Effective DiameterM
Diameter Ratio
Width of Flat Head
Arched Height
Resistant Force
0.5 34 68 ≧1.1 2.4 ≧1100 19200

Recommendation of Construction
It could be applied under normal construction without any special adjustment.
According to the designed volume, mix proportionately with sand, gravel, cement and additive.
Suitable for any type of industrial mixers. It could mix w/o water first and then add water, or add material continuously in the process of mixing. It needs no extra time than usual mixing. After mixing, examine thoroughly to make sure steel fibers and other compounds are mixed well.

【Transportation and Storage】:
No heavy load or rain during transportation and storage to prevent deformation and rust of the products

 【Packing】 :25kg/package
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