PANTEX Lattice Girders
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PANTEX Lattice Girders
PANTEX Lattttiice Giirders Systtem has been designed and developed for the special demands of tunnel construction.Contrary to standard solid-web girders, PANTEX Lattice Girders can be totally surrounded by sprayed concrete and form a complete homogeneous composite structure with no unconsolidated areas, shotcrete spray shadows, or fissures visible.

The load-bearing capacity of PANTEX System has been inquired and analyzed by various loading test. Proved by those rigorous and extensive tests, the System has been used successfully in numerous tunnel projects throughout the world.HCI is the only company authorized to manufacture the PANTEX Lattice Girder in Taiwan. With our high quality and best value service, we are not only the main supplier in Taiwan, but a regular supplier for famous international engineering companies in external market.

Main Advantages
▪ Immediate and reliable ground support in the excavation area 
▪ Can be fully integrated with the shoctcret lining and form a optimum bond to the ground supported
▪ Complete encapsulation in sprayed concrete with no voids or fissures visible
▪ Light weight for easy handling and quick assembly
▪ Guide for next round excavation
▪ Can be manufactured to suit all types of excavation geometry
▪ Welding has been proven be DIN 4099


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